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What are the Safest States From Natural Disasters?

On the nightly news, a seemingly reoccurring theme is breaking stories about the latest natural disaster. We routinely see wildfires in the west, tornadoes in the south, hurricanes in the east, and blizzards in the north. As a result, homeowners living in disaster-prone parts of the country may consider moving. 

But where would be the safest state to move to? 

Nowhere in the United States is entirely immune from nature’s wrath. However, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there are five states you may want to consider. 

#5 Ohio – This state is the first of four Midwestern states to make the list. Its location west of the Appalachian Mountains and south of Lake Erie protects its population from many common natural disasters. However, the state is not wholly immune to tornados making regular, annual appearances. 

#4 – Vermont – Heading the north, Vermont is mostly forest, protecting it from many natural disasters. When a natural disaster does occur, the state is considered one of the best-funded and equipped in the nation. 

#3 – Illinois – Our list returns to the Midwest to the Land of Lincoln. Tornadoes are common here; however, their severity is lower than their western counterparts. In addition, Lake Michigan reduces the threat of severe blizzards in the winter in the north. 

#2 – Minnesota – The twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul is considered one of the safest places to live from natural disasters. While snowfall can be heavy at times, massive blizzards are less common than you may think, although over 6,000 rivers and 14,000 lakes pose an increased flood risk than in other states. 

According to NOAA, #1 – Michigan – Two landmasses connected by the 5-mile Mackinaw bridge create the nation’s safe state from natural disasters. Protected on three sides by the Great Lakes, tornados are rare, winters milder than neighboring states, and only minor exposure to earthquakes exists.

If you are ready to pack it up and head to our country’s safest place from natural disasters, the beautiful state of Michigan is your top choice. For most of us, though, moving isn’t a realistic option. So if you won’t be packing up and relocating, your next best option is to make sure you have the right coverage to protect your life, limbs, and property. Let’s set up a time now to go over your coverage and make sure you and your family have sufficient protection.

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